Communication Strengths

Communication Strengths

Communication Strengths Jonathan Poland

Communication strengths are qualities or abilities that enable an individual to communicate effectively. These can include general communication skills, such as the ability to listen actively, speak clearly, and write coherently, as well as specialized skills that are relevant to particular roles or industries. Some examples of communication strengths include the ability to persuade, negotiate, motivate, or inform others. These strengths can be valuable in a wide range of settings, such as leadership, customer service, public relations, sales, marketing, and academic pursuits. By leveraging their communication strengths, individuals can improve their ability to influence others, build relationships, and achieve their goals. The following are common communication strengths.

Active Silence Body Language
Call to Action Candor
Civility Coaching
Communication Goals Communication Planning
Confidence Consensus Building
Constructive Criticism Criticism
Cross-cultural Communication Cultural Capital
Customer Service Dealing With Criticism
Debate Diction
Difficult Conversations Emotional Intelligence
Ethos Explanation
Eye Contact Facilitation
Feedback Formal Communication
Friendliness Humor
Influencing Informal Communication
Interviewing Kairos

Languages Leadership
Listening Logos
Managing Expectations Marketing Communications
Meeting Management Mentoring
Message Framing Negotiation
Networking Non-verbal Communication
Nudges Open-Mindedness
Pathos Personal Presence
Persuasion Plain Language
Politeness Presentations
Promotion Public Relations
Public Speaking Questioning
Relationship Management Small Talk
Social Intelligence Storytelling
Teamwork Technical Writing
Tone Training
Verbal Communication Visibility
Visual Communication Voice
Wit Writing

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